Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer's End and Bookish Things

Well, it's happening. I've started shutting the windows at night, and the last few mornings I've been getting dressed with layers in mind. That's what we do here in New England in September. We layer. Tank top underneath for later, sweater on top for now. It's cold and misty in the morning and 80 degrees by noon. Socks in the morning are a must inside old houses with wood floors like the one I live in, too. Outside, there are already spots of yellow, orange, and red in the trees. We all sigh and point out the color like it's an atrocity. Like it's something to lament. But really? I love it. I love autumn. 

I love the layering and socks and leaves. I love the sweaters and stews and the way my cold fingers feel while holding a warm mug of coffee. It's perfect book reading weather, too. There have been some exciting book releases lately. I can't wait to read Erin Bowman's new YA western Vengeance Road:

And then today, Julie Murphy's Dumplin' released! It's getting a lot of attention, and it seems like I'll be joining the masses :-) 

Both of these covers are fabulous, aren't they? And both Erin and Julie are wonderful in person. So excited for them and their books! 

Also, another one of my favorite books from last year, The Almost Girl by my pal Amalie Howard, has a sequel coming out in 2016, The Fallen Prince. The cover for that one has just been revealed and it is so perfect:

Awesome cover, awesome book! If you haven't read The Almost Girl yet, definitely check it out. Great science fiction, action, political intrigue, and romance.

What new books are you excited about? 

As a side note, this weekend, I'm packing a bag and driving up to the coast of Maine for an annual writing retreat. I've been going for years, and for me it always signals the true start of the fall season. A handful of writers stay in a cabin, staking out a spot to write for hours on end. We gather for meals and drinks at night. We talk books and projects, and there are usually word-count wars, a dance-off, and arm wrestling, too. If there's arm wrestling this year, I'll try to capture the evidence on camera to share with you :-)