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Friday, January 9, 2015

And the winners are….

Congratulations to Jessica at A Great Read! You've won the signed ARC of THE WONDROUS AND THE WICKED!!

And for that extra surprise giveaway for those of you who also Tweeted with #WinWondrousWicked, congratulations to Kristen at My Friends Are Fiction! I hope you enjoy collecting different editions of books because…the surprise giveaway(s) are the UK paperback editions of The Beautiful & the Cursed and The Lovely & the Lost!

…which I actually think captures the tone of the series a bit better. What do you think?

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered to win and for all your kind comments. I'm love hearing that so many of you have enjoyed the series so far and are eagerly anticipating the third novel!


  1. WOW those Paperbacks are gorgeous and I agree with you that it fits really well with the theme. Just out of curiosity will there be paperback editions for US? And I want to get my hands on those UK editions!

    1. Hi Kat! TB&TC is available in paperback in the US right now, and TL&TL will be available in May, I believe!